What is Endometrial Carcinoma Recurrence?


What if endometrial cancer is recurrent?


Recurrent endometrial cancer is cancer that has returned after primary treatment. Recurrence is associated with metastasis, which will bring threats to patients. So, once you finish your endometrial cancer treatment, you are suggested to undergo a regular medical checkup. Though there is no particular time for the recurrence of cancer, still chances of developing the cancer five years after the treatment are more.

Recurrence of endometrial cancer may occur at the same location where it was developed previously, or it may develop at some other site in the body. They are called local metastasis and distant metastasis. For instance, if endometrial cancer is treated when it was in the endometrium, in recurrence it may occur in the fallopian tubes or ovaries or at the other location in the uterus. In either circumstance, it is considered as endometrial caner recurrence.


Does everyone have the risk of endometrial cancer recurrence?


The risks are allied with the recurrence of endometrial cancer. The risks vary by person to person. Therefore, the possibility is different from each individual.


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