What Is Homeopathic Treatment For Vitiligo?

What is homeopathic treatment for vitiligo?

Homeopathy is a medical therapy based on the belief that body can cure itself. That is to say, something that causes symptoms on you can, more or less, treat an illness with similar symptoms, which aims to trigger the body’s natural defenses.

Recently,  Indian scholars find that homeopathy can cure or ease the progress of early staged vitiligo. Indian scholars have treated 14 cases of vitiligo patients with individualized homeopathic remedies which were based on plant, animal, or mineral compounds. As a result, they found the white spots become less on patients after 58 months of homeopahy.

Compared to regular treatment, homeopathic treatment is individualized yet risky. Although different people can get different treatments based on your own conditions of health, homeopathy is not scientifically well-grounded and may have other side effects. Make sure to ask for professional advice before deciding which kind of treatment you would like to get for yourself.

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