What Is Laser Spinal Surgery?

What is laser spinal surgery?

Laser Spine Surgery is a Minimally Invasive technique that utilizes a Holmium laser that is inserted through a series of tubes. A small “keyhole” incision is made at the area of the operation where the laser and other surgical tools enter the body. For many conditions, such as a pinched nerve, the laser may be used to burn off or deaden the nerve causing pain.

Laser spine surgery may be a possibility for spinal stenosis surgery. The following factors should be determined by your physician before any type of surgery is decided:

  • The cause of Spinal Stenosis
  • A Physical exam
  • Radiologists interpretation of MRI and XRAYs
  • Specific symptoms involved
  • Prior treatments for condition

The age and physical condition of an individual should also be considered when determining if surgery is the right option.

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