What Is Lipomatosis?

What is lipomatosis?

The lipomatosis indicated over-accumulated fat in the tissues of human body. It is soft lump under the skin and in most times is benign. The accurate reasons of lipomatosis are not clear. The lump is more common in people aged 40 to 60. When the doctor doubts that you have the lipomatosis, he or she may:

  • Take a physical examination of you;
  • Conduct biopsy to determine whether it is cancerous;
  • Conduct imaging tests like CT or ultrasound.

There are several kinds of fatty lumps:

  • Angiolipoleiomyoma
  • Chondroid lipomas
  • Angiolipoma
  • Corpus callosum lipoma
  • Intradermal spindle cell lipoma
  • Hibernoma
  • Neural fibrolipoma
  • Superficial subcutaneous lipoma
  • Pleomorphic lipomas
  • Spindle-cell lipoma

In most cases, the lipomatosis does not need to be treated. When it grows very large, a removal surgery can be adopted to relieve the symptoms arising.

If you have questions about the lipomatosis, please contact your doctor for more information.

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