What Is Migraine with Aura?

What is migraine with aura?

In some cases, patients with migraines experience specific warning symptoms, or an aura, prior to the onset of their headache. These warning symptoms can range from flashing lights or a blind spot in one eye to numbness or weakness involving one side of the body. The aura may last for several minutes, and then resolves as the head pain begins or may last until the headache resolves. For patients who have never experienced an aura, the symptoms can be frightening and can mimic the symptoms of a stroke.

Auras often start about an hour or so before the headache. They aren’t just distorted vision, though. They can affect any of your senses:

  • Blind spots (scotomas)
  • Prickling, tingling, or numbness (paresthesia)
  • Seeing zigzag patterns (fortification spectra)
  • Seeing flashing lights (scintilla)
  • Seeing, hearing, or smelling things that aren’t really there (hallucinations)
  • Trouble finding words or speaking (aphasia)
  • Vision loss in part of one or both eyes

You’d better make an appointment with your doctor if you have a severe symptom.

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