What Is Schatzki’s Ring?

What is schatzki’s ring?

Schatzki’s ring is defined as a pathological annular narrowing at the esophagogastric junction causing dysphagia, although some patients may present with bolus obstruction.

It is always associated with a small sliding hiatus hernia, and is most consistently demonstrated when the esophagus is distended during a prone barium swallow.

There are no specific symptoms in most cases of these rings. But as the diameter of these rings shrinks to approximately 1 cm (0.4 inches), those solid and poorly chewed foods staying in chunks can get caught at the level of the ring.

The patients with schatzki’s ring may experience following symptoms:

  • chest pain;
  • sticking sensation in the chest with swallowing (referred to as dysphagia);
  • decreased saliva;
  • secretion production.

The causes of schatzki’s ring are not clearly understood.

Please consult your doctor to have a better understanding of your condition.

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