What Is the A1C Blood Test for Diabetes?


What is the A1C blood test for diabetes?


HbA1C (HbA1C) is a measure of what we call long-term glucose control. The sugar in your body is going up and down the whole day no matter you have diabetes or not, so when measuring blood sugar, we need to get a snapshot of that moment in time. As for people with diabetes, we need to know what’s happening on average over weeks or months of time. The way HbA1C works is to measure the amount of sugar attached to the protein and red blood cells, namely, hemoglobin. This measure on average has the blood sugar for 60-70 days because that’s how long a red blood cell exists in your body. Generally, we use both blood sugar test, whether it is a fasting or after-meal blood sugar test, and HbA1C to get a short-term picture and a long-term picture, respectively.

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