What Is the Best Remedy of Bronchitis Cough?

What is the best remedy of bronchitis cough?

When you get infected by bronchitis, you will probably have some symptoms like a bad cough. Your cough helps clear that gunk out of your lungs. So It’s best to stay away from cough medicine unless your cough keeps you awake at night.

Instead of cough medicine, you can:

  • Take throat lozenges that don’t have medicine in them. (Avoid these with young children as they could cause choking.)
  • Try a mixture of honey and lemon. (Don’t give honey to children under 1 year old.)

Besides the above methods, the best approach is to avoid things that irritate your lungs and to ease your symptoms:

  • If you smoke, the most important thing you can do is stop smoking.
  • Avoid dust, chemical fumes, smoke from other people, and anything else that can bother your lungs. Try to wear a mask if you are not able to avoid those.
  • Wear a mask if cold air triggers your cough or makes you short of breath.


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