What is the Definition of Aggressive Breast Cancer?

Q: There are many terms for breast cancer on the Internet? What is the definition of aggressive breast cancer?

A:Aggressive breast cancer is a term used for breast cancer with a poor prognosis. Although there are not significant statistics, targeted therapy combined with chemotherapy before any surgery is supposed to slightly improve the chance of stay cancer-free.

It is estimated that a third of breast cancers are HER2-positive. HER2 refers to human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, which tiggers singalling pathways. As a result, the stimylated breast cancer cells go out of control and seem more likely to travel into the lymph nodes or other major organs.These brease cancers are called metastases or metastatic cancer. In these case, breast cancers can be the especially agressive ones.

Another type of aggressive breast cancer is known as hormone-receptor-negative (HRN) breast cancer. The subtype is more likely to be life-threatening and diagnosed in women younger than 50. However, Breastfeeding is likely to reduce the risk of developing this subtype of breast cancer.



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