What Is the Exclusion Period for Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?

Q: My daughter has hand, foot and mouth disease, so she was excluded from the school. Is it reasonable for the school to do so? How long the exclusion period should be?

A: Hand foot and mouth disease is contagious, so the exclusion of your daughter from school is reasonable. Other children will be at high risk of catching the infection if kept contacting with the infected person. The infection of the disease can be greatly reduced through the exclusion of the only source of it.

The exclusion period of hand, foot and mouth disease is the time that the infected person might be infectious to others. During this period, the ill person should not have any close contact with others. The child with this disease must be excluded from school until all the blisters on his body are dry. It would be better to extend the period, for not all the viruses in the body are killed after the symptoms disappear. It takes days to totally eliminate the viruses after the blisters are dry.

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