What Is the Incidence of the Disease?


I thought RHD has become rare in the US, but there are still many online articles talking about it. What is the incidence of the disease?


Thanks to the introduction of penicillin and a change in the Streptococci’s virulence, the incidence of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) has decreased dramatically in industrialized countries. What’s more, both the severity of and mortality caused by RHD declined dramatically in these countries. For example, RHD used to be a common disease in the US, but it has become rare with seldom regional outbreaks. However, the incidence of rheumatic fever and RHD in the developing world has not decreased. Many children and young adults are still diagnosed with chronic RHD worldwide.

Certain groups of people seem to have a higher incidence of developing RHD, such as aboriginal populations in Australia and natives from Hawaii, Maori and New Zealand, even if they have received antibiotic prophylaxis of streptococcal pharyngitis. However, the incidence of the disease have nothing to do with race and sex. Those who develop severe RHD is more likely to have chorea and a worse prognosis of carditis.


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