What Is the Life Cycle of Lice?

What is the life cycle of lice?

The life cycle of lice means the period of time between the moment lice eggs are laid by the female until the moment lice die. And the lice life cycle lasts about 45 days.

In a whole, lice go through three stages in their whole life. For example,

  • Lice eggs, also called nits
  • Nymphs
  • Adult head lice

Lice eggs or nits hatch occurs about a week after eggs have been laid. Lice eggs hatch to release a nymph. The adult stage comes after approximately 7 days after three successive molts of nymph.

Lice, once they have reached the adult stage, will live for about one month. Actually, they can only live about this period of time on a human host, as they need to feed on blood several times every day. Away from a human scalp, they will die within 48 hours.


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