What Is the Life Expectancy of Terminal Liver Cancer?

What is the life expectancy of terminal liver cancer?

The most common question you may ask is: “What is terminal liver cancer life expectancy?”

Often, when a patient is considered terminally ill, his or her estimated life expectancy is six months or less, under the assumption that the disease will run its normal course based on previous data from other patients.

The six-month standard is arbitrary, and best available estimates of longevity may be incorrect. Though a given patient may properly be considered terminal, this is not a guarantee that the patient will die within six months.

Remember: There is no standardized life expectancy for a patient to be considered terminal, although it is generally months or less. Life expectancy for terminal patients is a rough estimate given by the physician based on previous data and does not always reflect true longevity. And you are not a statistic. There is hope, and it is not false hope.

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