What Is the Life Span of Mosquitoes?

What is the life span of mosquitoes?

The entire life cycle of mosquitoes lasts 8-10 days at room temperature, depending on the level of feeding. They go through four stages in their lifecycles: egg, larva, pupa, and adult or imago.

Lay eggs
In the beginning, female mosquitoes lay their eggs on the inner, wet walls of containers with water. Larvae hatch when water inundates the eggs as a result of rains or the addition of water by people.

First to fourth instars
In the following days, the larvae will feed on microorganisms and particulate organic matter, shedding their skins three times to be able to grow from first to fourth instars.

When the larva has acquired enough energy and size, and is in the fourth instar, metamorphosis is triggered, changing the larva into a pupa.

Adult mosquito
Pupae do not feed; they just change in form until the body of the adult, flying mosquito is formed. Then, the newly formed adult emerges from the water after breaking the pupal skin.


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