What Is the News of the Latest Research in Prostate Cancer?

What is the Latest progress in the research of the prostate cancer?
Well, the progress has gone in many ways since 2017. Here are some briefing s from Cancer.Net Editorial Board.

1.Causes finding. Researches are still going in terms of nutrition and lifestyle factors in prostate cancer.
2.Early detection.A better PSA test related with PCA3, remains to be updated.
3.Genomic tests.  Genomics is working on the growing and spreading speed of the prostate cancer. Some tests like Decipher, Oncotype DX, ProstaVysion, are available now.
4.Improved surgical techniques. Better techniques for nerve-sparing surgery can decrease the risk of urinary and sexual side effects for men who need a radical prostatectomy.
5.Treatment tests.Research continues to evaluate biomarkers in the blood.
6.Improved therapy.Researchers are exploring further in special targeted drugs, chemotherapy, ADT, and immunotherapy.
7.Palliative care. More clinical trials are conducted to reduce symptoms and side effects of current prostate cancer treatments.

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