What Is the Probability of Inheritance in Diabetes?

My grandfather died of diabetes, and now my mom has a high blood sugar. I am very worried about her getting diabetes. Does she bear high odds of genetic diabetes? How about me?


To figure out this problem, you need to know the following two questions in the first place.

1. What is the etiology of diabetes?

Currently, we think type 1 diabetes mainly results from congenital genetic defects, leading to body’s immune system abnormal attacking the islet cells, resulting in loss of pancreatic islet cell secretion, and the insulin secretion is inadequate. This situation is able to genetic, but it does not mean 100% happening.
As for the type 2 diabetes, causes are multifactorial. By the same token, a family history of type 2 diabetes doesn’t necessarily bring diabetes to the next generation, only a higher possibility.


2. What does the genetic factor mean?
we can decode it into two aspects.

1). Diabetic family only takes a relatively high genetic probability, not necessary.
Studies have shown that the incidence of diabetes among family members of diabetes is much higher than that of ordinary people. But the odds are not terrible. If parents are both diabetic, 5% of kids are likely to get diabetes. If one side of your parents is diabetic, you have a less chance of getting sick.

That is to say, with a family history of diabetes, the odds of having diabetes are relatively high, instead of extremely high or necessary.

2). Diabetes family only means genetic influences.
Diabetes itself does not inherit. It’s the predisposition that bothers you.According to the modern medicine, children with diabetic parents only inherit certain genes that are susceptible to diabetes. In other words, it is possible to have this illness in some circumstances, but if those people try their best to avoid it, they can remain to be healthy.




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