What Is the Prognosis of Congenital Heart Disease?


What is the prognosis?


Prognosis refers to the likely outcome of congenital heart defects. The prognosis of congenital heart defects may include the duration of congenital heart defects, chances of complications of congenital heart defects, probable outcomes, prospects of recovery, recovery period for congenital heart defects, survival rates, death rates, and other outcome possibilities in the over all prognosis of congenital heart defects.


How does the doctor prognose congenital heart disease?


The prognosis of congenital heart disease depends on the severity of congenital heart disease. Symptoms vary with individuals. For example, they estimate mortality rate of congenital heart defects from prevalence and deaths statistics. The calculated number of USA annual deaths is 3,551. The figure for incidence is 1 million.


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