What is Treatment of Cholesterol?

High cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease. The treatment of cholesterol include medication and change of lifestyle.

  1. Medications
    • the newly FDA approved injection medication PCSK9 inhibitors, Praluent(alirocumab) and Repatha(evolocumab)
    • Statins
      • Advicor® (niacin extended-release/lovastatin)
      • Altoprev® (lovastatin extended-release)
      • Caduet® (amlodipine and atorvastatin)
      • Crestor® (rosuvastatin)
      • Juvisync® (sitagliptin/simvastatin)
      • Lescol® (fluvastatin)
      • Lescol XL (fluvastatin extended-release)
      • Lipitor® (atorvastatin)
      • Liptruzet™ (ezetimibe/atorvastatin)
      • Livalo® (pitavastatin)
      • Mevacor® (lovastatin)
      • Pravachol® (pravastatin)
      • Simcor® (niacin extended-release/simvastatin)
      • Vytorin® (ezetimibe/simvastatin)
      • Zocor® (simvastatin)
  2. Healthy Diet
    • Low calories
    • High fiber
  3. Exercises
    • 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times per week, reach 70% of Max Heart Rate
  4. Reduce alcohol
    • cholesterol medications might cause liver dysfunction, and it would be worse when taking regularly with alcohol. Anyone taking cholesterol medications should limit alcohol to minimum
  5. Quit smoke


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