What Is Ulcerated Hemangioma?

What is ulcerated hemangioma?

Ulcerated hemangioma is a complication of hemangioma, it’s an eroded lesion. Ulcerated hemangioma is usually seen among caucasian babies, with girls being affected more than boys.

The exact causes for ulcerated hemangioma are unknown, the reasons why hemangioma become ulcerated are not easy to find. But what we know is that bleeding and ulceration are common complications of hemangioma.

Ulcerated hemangioma are stubborn to treat and can cause infections sometimes. The first signs of ulceration are black spots on the hemangioma’s red patch.

Ulcerated hemangioma can be very painful, so pain medications can be administered to ease the pain, other measures also include creams, ointments rich in zinc oxide, applying pressure on the wound, antibiotic oinments, etc.

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