What Is Warthin's Tumor?

What is Warthin’s tumor?

Warthin’s tumor is also known as adenolymphoma. The occurrence of this disease has much to do with lymph nodes. Warthin’s tumor mostly occurs in the parotid gland. During embryonic development, lymphoid tissues in the parotid gland and the parotid gland develop simultaneously. This vagus gland tissue undergoes a tumor change, which is a Warthin’s tumor.

Pathological features of Warthin’s tumor are as follows:

  • Gross observation

The Warthin’s tumor is round or oval and has a diameter of average 2~4cm with soft texture.

There are cysts in different sizes that contain a transparent mucus-like or brown liquid and may have papillary projections.

The capsule is intact, and the boundaries are clear.

  • Light microscope observation

The epithelial cells form an irregular duct or cyst-like structure and protrude into the cystic cavity in a papillary shape.

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