What Kind of Medication Should I Take for Chronic Dry Eye?

What kind of medication should I take for chronic dry eye?

Chronic dry eye is a kind of eye disease that needs continuous therapy. It is the condition of having dry eyes which are easy to be fatigue.It is a common condition that occurs when your tears are unable able to provide abundant lubrication for your eyes.So you will feel uncomfortable if you have dry eyes.

The followings are some alternative medicines  for chronic dry eyes:

  • Cyclosporine drops: It helps to reduce inflammation in your eyes.
  • Steroid drops: It also help to relieve inflammation in your eyes.
  • Lifitegrast drops: It can help relieve fatigue and reduce inflammation.
  • Castor oil eyedrops: It helps to reduce tear evaporation.
  • Lubricating eye ointments: It can provide longer lasting relief from dry eyes.

Since chronic dry eye lasts for a long term, you need use eyedrops to keep your eyes well-lubricated even when them feel fine.

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