What May Cauce Oral Cancer?


What are the causes of oral cancer?

Viral infections
The human papilloma virus (HPV) has been detected in up to 36% of patients with oral cancers. This is the same virus responsible for the majority of cases of cervical cancer. The presence of an oral infection with this virus greatly increases the risk of developing an oral cancer.
The presence, though, of the HPV virus in oral cancers indicates a better prognosis. This includes a lower risk of developing a second cancer and a lower risk of dying from other tobacco-related illnesses, such as heart disease or lung disease.
Excessive consumption of alcohol
Oral cancers are about six times more common in drinkers than in nondrinkers.
Cigarette, cigar, or pipe smokers are six times more likely than nonsmokers to develop oral cancers.
Although alcohol is less potent than tobacco in causing oral cancers, the combination of alcohol with tobacco results in a much higher risk of developing oral cancers, compared to either agent alone.
Family history of cancer
Excessive sun exposure for lip cancer
Poor dietary habits
Smoking marijuana

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