What Medications Should I Take for Preventing AFib Stroke?

The prevention of stroke is very important for AFib patients, for they are at high-risk of having one. Blood clots are easily formed in their veins and arteries. And the tragedy might come after a blood clot is stuck in the brain.

While treating your AFib, you should take some medications to prevent a stroke. Since you are an AFib patient, you may be familiar with blood thinners. Warfarin is one of them. It has a 40-hour half-life, but may be up to 60 hours in some older patients; some new blood thinners have a half-life of 12-17 hours. Adding aspirin to Plavix (clopidogrel) doesn’t decrease strokes, but does increase bleeds. Triple therapy — being on a blood thinner, aspirin, and Plavix (clopidogrel) for stents, all at the same time — leads to a four-fold risk of bleeds.


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