What to Eat/Drink When Stomach Flu Hits?


What to eat/drink when stomach flu hits?



Stomach flu (the nickname for viral gastroenteritis) usually comes with diarrhea (watery and frequent stools) and vomiting, taking away electrolytes (liquids containing ions) from the body. What we eat and drink can be a remedy.


What to eat/drink?

  • Lots of fluids, such as clear water, sports drinks and tea with ginger and peppermint. They can help with electrolyte replacement and calm the stomach.
  • Easy-to-digest food, such as bananas, white rice, and white bread.

What not to eat/drink?

  • Caffeinated drinks and food, such as coffee, strong black tea, and chocolate.
  • Dairy, fibrous, fatty or spicy food. They’re burdens for the stomach.


There’s another thing to remember: stop having anything above if it’s causing discomfort.

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