What Shall Mulitiple Myeloma Patients Do?

What shall multiple myeloma patients do?

After knowing the fact of multiple myeloma, we shall have a clear plan. Here are some things that shall be done by multiple myeloma patients, especially newly diagnosed patients:

  • Find a right team. You had better find a doctor who is experienced in treating your type of multiple myeloma. You can find doctor at National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers and high-volume cancer centers.
  • Have the right test. Multiple myeloma varies widely among people. Having the right test may help you get a specific diagnosis and receive accurate treatment.
  • Receive right treatment. You shall discuss with your healthcare team and know your options at every stage.
  • Share every step. Your experience in treatment will speed up the relative research, which will benefit yourself and more multiple myeloma patients in turn.

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