Am I Eligible for a Liver Cancer Donation?

Can I do a liver cancer donation?

Donation is good and significant, for you and others. Here are some questions you may feel confused about the donation.

Who can donate a liver?
Anyone can be a liver donor as long as you are healthy and generous. Here ” healthy” means:

  • Both in good physical and mental condition
  • Better between the ages of 18 and 55.
  • With a BMI ≤ 32.
  • No history of diseases involving lung, kidney, and heart, lung, HIV and active malignant cancers.

Does my liver match the recipient’s?
Your generosity and unselfishness for sure will find its best recipient. The transplant team will make it happen with a series of tests on your blood and tissue types for a good match.

Any post-donation problems in the future?

Not necessarily. In general, your body will start its self-healing process after the donation. After donation, it’s necessary to follow your doctor’s advice on eating and movement, most importantly, take enough rest.

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