What Should COPD Patients Pay Attention to in Cold Weather?

Q: Winter is coming. What should I care?

A: Weather is one of the COPD triggers. Temperature and weather can cause COPD symptoms to worsen. Cold, dry air or hot air will trigger a flare-up. For COPD patients, cold weather can exacerbate shortness of breath.

Actually, people who have cardiovascular diseases should take care especially in winter. Weather conditions can often bring out the worst symptoms. Cold temperature can regularly lead to fatigue, and even windy days can cause shortness of breath. The effect of cold temperatures on respiratory health should not be neglected.

Q: Why should I take care in cold weather?

A: In winter, your blood vessels will become much more fragile and narrower. The effects of cold weather on the lungs can be extreme and chronic exposure to cold environments are known to cause dramatic changes to the respiratory system. Respiratory illness is connected to the heart and lungs. The heart is forced to pump harder, which ultimately increases blood pressure.

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