What Should Parents Do to Live with Kids with Spina Bifida?

What should parents do to live with kids with spina bifida?

It is very important for parents to take an active role in managing their child’s care. Parents need to know about spina bifida and understand the health issues and treatment options to make the best possible choices for the health and happiness of their child:

  • Parents should talk with a health care provider about any questions or concerns they have.
  • Parents can start learning about spina bifida by reading CDC’s Treatments spina bifida pageshttps://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/spinabifida/treatment.html
  • The Spina Bifida Association provides information on spina bifida, and can be helpful in recommending clinics or health care providers who are experts in the care of children and adults with spina bifida – http://spinabifidaassociation.org/

To learn more you should go to a medical professional.

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