What Should the After-Care Be for People after Thyroid Surgery?


My husband is going to have his thyroid surgery next week. I want to know how to take care of him properly after the surgery.


Right after the surgery, the patient has to spend several hours in the recovery room even if the surgery he takes is an outpatient one. The doctor may recommend him to stay in bed the first 24 hours after the surgery. Thereafter the patient should begin moving around as soon as possible.

If the patient remains in the hospital after the surgery, an intravenous drip for nutrition is necessary, for he can’t swallow or eat in the first 24 hours. When he is released, he should try liquids or soft foods at first.

The patient can do most of his normal activities as he used to after the surgery. But he can’t do intense exercise at least in the first ten days.

If his throat feels sore for several days, you can take an OTC pain killer for him. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen both help in this case.


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