What to Eat to Prevent Prostate Cancer?

What can I eat for prostate cancer prevention in my daily life?
Daily eating is fundamental in many disease preventions. You should start from the following 2 aspects:
Eat more:

The omega-3 fatty acids there, especially salmon and mackerel, will keep you away from inflammation.

Leafy greens.
Spinach is highly recommended. Besides, beans, summer squash, garlic, red peppers, and berries are beneficial as well.

Six cups of coffee a day makes you less likely to develop lethal prostate cancer.

Eat less:

Corn oil.
Rich in omega-6 fatty acids, corn oil is more likely to trigger the prostate cancer.

Simple carbohydrates.
Avoid candy, soda, starchy foods and white rice. These are all high-glycemic carbs, sparking inflammation.

Well-done red meat.
One thing you should know is that the more heat the meat gets, the more carcinogens it may have.

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