What’s Latest HIV/AIDS Information and Statistics?

What’s the latest HIV/AIDS information and statistics?
Due to the advance in HIV treatment, it’s possible for people with HIV to expect a longer life. On the other hand, the ageing-related diseases, including some cancers, may lead to some serious illness among people with HIV, according to a report in Clinical Infectious Diseases.
The most commonly-seen cancers in people living with AIDS over 50 years old are as following:
 Lung cancer (1725 cases)
 Prostate cancer (1341 cases)
 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (1222 cases)
 Liver cancer (805 cases)
 Anal cancer (524 cases)
 Oral or throat cancer (461 cases)
 Kaposi’s sarcoma (338 cases)
 Bowel cancer (360 cases)
 Breast cancer (329 cases)
 Hodgkin lymphoma (253 cases)
 Other cancers (3013 cases)

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