What's New in Pancreatic Cancer Treatment?

What nutrition should pancreatic cancer patients get?

Patients should pay a sufficient amount of attention on nutrition. The pancreatic cancer itself, as well as treatments like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can change the patients’ ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food.


Some major medical centers now do the operation under laparoscope. The surgeon makes several small incisions in the belly and insert long, thin surgical tools and a tiny video camera into the body to conduct the operation. One advantage of this surgery is that people often recover from it more quickly.

Radiation therapy:

New radiation therapies include intraoperative radiation therapy (in which a single large dose of radiation is given to the area of the cancer in the operating room during the surgery) and proton beam radiation (which uses a special type of radiation that might do less damage to nearby normal cells).


Many clinical trials are seeing if combining gemcitabine with other drugs can help people live longer. Other newer chemo drugs are also being tested, as are combinations of chemo drugs with newer types of drugs.

Targeted therapies:

Targeted therapies may prove to be useful along with current treatments, or may even replace current treatment. In general, they seem to have fewer side effects than traditional chemo drugs. Looking for new targets to attack is an active area of cancer research.

Immune therapy:

Some studies of immune therapy treatments have shown promising results. Monoclonal antibodies, cancer vaccines, and drugs that target immune system checkpoints are the most commonly chosen methods.

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