What’s the Best Diet During AFib Drug Treatment?

Fatty food, alcohol, and caffeine should be avoided if you are a patient with AFib. Though the list of food restriction is long, there are other healthy foods that you should take in during your AFib drug treatment.

1.    Herbs and Spices

Since you can’t take in too much salt in a day, you can use herbs and spices to take its place.

2.    Yogurt

Yogurt can help with digestion and it offers benefits to your gut. It also plays a part in heart health.

3.    Fresh fruit

There are lots of nutrients in fresh fruit. And they are natural and healthy food while packaged fruit cups are mixed with extra sugars.

4.    Berries

All kinds of berries, especially blueberries, carry plenty of powerful antioxidants that are good for heart.

5.    Olive oil

Though fatty food should be avoided, olive oil is an exception. It is an alternative to butter, for it’s full of healthy fats and helps the heart.


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