What’s the Best Treatment for Bladder Cancer?

Q: I was found to have a bladder tumor. My biopsy is being analyzed now. The doctor hasn’t informed me in which stage my cancer is. I want to know how to treat it. What’s the best treatment for bladder cancer?
A: It’s hard to say what is the best treatment for bladder, because different types of treatment are available for patients with different types of cancer. Some treatments are standard, while others are being tested in clinical trials.
There are four types of standard treatments.
1. Surgery
Transurethral resection (TUR) with fulguration
Radical cystectomy:
Partial cystectomy
Urinary diversion
2. Radiation therapy
External radiation therapy
Internal radiation therapy
3. Chemotherapy
4. Immunotherapy
Clinical trials are held to improve current treatments. If all the standard treatments can’t help with your condition, maybe you can apply to take part in a clinical trial. But you should understand that treatments in clinical trials are not as safe as standard ones.
The treatment that fits you best relates closely to the type and stage of your bladder cancer. After you got all the results of your medical test and physical exam, the doctor can offer you the best treatment plan.
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