What’s the Cure Rate of Parathyroid Surgery?


My mom has parathyroid disease, and she is going to have the surgery next month. I need general information about parathyroid surgery.


Everyone has 4 parathyroid glands, so all the four glands are examined to see which ones are producing excessive parathyroid hormone. If only one gland is found overactive, it is removed in the surgery. If all the four glands are found abnormal, three or three and a half are removed during the procedure.

The rate of cure is as high as 94% for experienced endocrine surgeons, but it drops to 85% for general surgeons who perform this surgery only a few times every year. You should understand that the cure rate is closely related to the experience of the surgeon. And the complication rate is also extremely dependent on his experience.

There are risks in the surgery, such as injury to the nerve or to the voice box, but the risk rate is as low as 1%. Besides, expected blood loss is very low, usually less than 1/4 cup.

The surgery is performed with general anesthesia.


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