What’s the Function of Parathyroid Glands?


What’s parathyroid gland? What’s the function of it?


Parathyroid glands consist of four tiny glands located behind the thyroid gland. They together produce a substance called parathyroid hormone which controls the amount of calcium within the blood in a very tight range between 8.5 and 10.5. Meanwhile, the glands also control how much calcium is in the bones, determining how strong and dense your bones are.

Parathyroid glands work well to monitor the calcium level in the blood. The blood filters through these glands, so the glands can directly detect the amount of calcium present in the blood. In response they produce more or less parathyroid hormone. If the calcium level in the blood is low, parathyroid glands secrete more hormone in order to increase the level. And when the level is high, they produce less hormone to decrease the amount of calcium in the blood. Therefore, the level is maintained in a normal range.


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