What’s the Latest Studies on Atrial Fibrillation Treatment?

There are some interesting new discoveries in medications for treating atrial fibrillation. New drugs used in trials to control atrial fibrillation are better than antiarrhythmic medications. They work about half the time compared to the latter. However, the side effects have not been totally defined, so scientists and doctors are still looking for better agents.

There are two directions in the study. One is to produce agents that are brand new in many aspects. They are more effective and have less and milder side effects. The other is to combine drugs. Two or more drugs are combined together in small dose. Thus, additive efficacy may be accessible and they can reduce the risk or likelihood of adverse side effects because many of those depend on a large dose.

Beside medication treatment, new trials are performed in procedures. Minimally-invasive atrial fibrillation treatment is now very safe.


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