What’s the Life Expectancy of People with Sepsis?

What’s the life expectancy of people with sepsis?

There is no exact answer. In fact, treatment for sepsis is most successful if the condition is spotted early and then treated quickly and properly.

In addition, the prognosis of patients with sepsis has great connections with the severity or stage of sepsis, as well as to the underlying health status of the patient.

When patients with

  • sepsis and no ongoing sign of organ failure at the time of diagnosis have about a 15%-30% chance of death.
  • severe sepsis or septic shock have a death rate of about 40%-60%.

Newborns and pediatric patients with sepsis have about a 9%-36% mortality rate.

However, the figures above are never accurate because everyone’s condition is different.

Finally, remember, the faster you get treatment, the more chances of your survival you can get.


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