What’s the Treatment for Advanced Metastatic Bladder Cancer?

Q: I was diagnosed with advanced metastatic bladder cancer two days ago. Is it too late for me to have effective treatment? What kind of treatment can I try?

A: When you are infected by viruses, your immune system starts a fight against them. When it comes to cancer, the immune system does the same thing to defend against you. You can take immunotherapy for advanced metastatic bladder cancer. In Immunotherapy, you take drugs to make cancer cells easier targets or to boost your immune system and make it more effective against the cancer. There are several immunotherapy drugs for metastatic bladder cancer.

Atezolizumab (Tecentriq)

Atezolizumab works by enhancing your body’s immune system response. When the patient’s cancer spreads after having chemotherapy, this drug is often used. Patients have their tumors smaller and even disappear after taking this immunotherapy drug.

Nivolumab (Opdivo)

Nivolumab is also for people with advanced metastatic bladder cancer who have tried chemotherapy. You may get completely recovered from the cancer with the drug, or at least your tumor can become smaller after the treatment.

The biggest advantage of immunotherapy is it makes use of your body’s natural defenses – the immune system. As its function is strengthened in the treatment, it can better recognize cancer cells and eliminate them while avoid killing normal, healthy cells. Even if you have finished the treatment, they continue to target cancer cells.

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