What's to Know About Frequent Urination?

What’s to know about frequent urination?

People with frequent urination feel the urge to pass urine more often than what’s normal. This can happen both during the day and night.

As described, the condition tends to affect one’s work, sleep and other aspects of life.
Then, what causes it?
Here are some factors related to the condition:

  • Specific types of treatments for cancer
  • Medicine or beverages which help produce more urine
  • Bladder disease, injury, or infection

Conditions and diseases that may cause frequent urination:

  • Bladder stones
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Diuretics
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Kidney infection
  • Anterior prolapse
  • Urethral stricture
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Vaginitis

If you find yourself urinating more than usual and this has affected your daily life, don’t hesitate to tell your doctor. You can only find the right treatment plan after your doctor dose a check-up on you.

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