Which Medications Cause Diabetes?

I have taken the Trizivir® for almost two months. Why my glucose is getting higher?
You should consult your doctor first. Sometimes, medicines work in a strange way. After all, not all drugs affect patients the same way. You should be careful of the following list. These are the common medications that can cause diabetes. In other words, you blood sugar may get higher after taking those pills.

Abacavir  |  (Ziagen®)

Abacavir + lamivudine,zidovudine  |  (Trizivir®)

Abacavir + dolutegravir + lamivudine  |  (Triumeq®)

Abiraterone  |  (Zytiga®)

Acetazolamide  |  (Diamox®)

Acitretin  |  (Soriatane®)

Aletinib  |  (Alecensa®)

Albuterol  |  (Ventolin®, Proventil®)

Albuterol + ipratropium  |  (Combivent®)

Aliskiren + amlodipine + hydrochlorothiazide  |  (Amturnide®)

Aliskiren + amlodipine  |  (Tekamlo®)

Ammonium chloride

Amphotericin B  |  (Amphocin®, Fungizone®)

Amphotericin B lipid formulations IV  |  (Abelcet®)

Amprenavir  |  (Agenerase®)

Anidulafungin  |  (Eraxis®)

Aripiprazole  |  (Abilify®)

Arsenic trioxide  |  (Trisenox®)

Asparaginase  |  (Elspar®, Erwinaze®)

Atazanavir  |  (Reyataz ®)

Atazanavir + cobistat  |  (Evotaz®)

Atenolol + chlorthalidone  |  (Tenoretic®)

Atorvastatin  |  (Lipitor®)

Atovaquone  |  (Mepron®)

Baclofen  |  (Lioresal®)

Belatacept  |  (Nulojix®)

Benazepril + hydrochlorothiazide  |  (Lotension®)

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