White Stuff in Stool, Mucus or Fat?


Sometime there is mucus in my stool and sometimes it’s fatty and floating why is this?


White substance in stool can be mucus or fat, but they are different substance and associated with separate problems.

Mucus in stool is associated with inflammatory bowel disease and other causes of colitis.

Fat in stool, that usually floats, greasy or oily, white, gray to pale yellow, is called Steatorrhea. Steatorrhea is usually caused by:

  • Inadequate fat digestion due to a deficiency, absence or defect in the fat-digesting enzymes or bile
  • Rapid transit through the bowel which prevents proper digestion and absorption
  • Defective absorption, often due to a disruption in the transport of fats through the lacteals to the blood stream

However, we’d suggest that you visit and discuss with a gastroenterologist.



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