Why Do I Bruise So Easily?

Bruise happens to everyone in daily life. You may just get used to the unknown bruise due to yesterday’s carelessness. Also, last month’s abnormal blood sugar could be to blame. In general, here are the common things that may make you easily get the bruise. Check it out and ask for doctor’s help if necessary.

1. Getting Older
Compared with the children, adults and the elderly are more likely to find an unknown bruise. This is totally true . When we get older, our skin turns not that much protective for any bumping as the skin layer gets thinner and loses collagen as a cushion.  Also, your blood vessels get more fragile.

2.Sun Damage
Being a sunshine lover sometimes bring more skin bruises. Bruises here, mostly showing in the backs of your hands and arms, are different from bumping bruises. They don’t usually feel tender when touching, and they take longer to heal.

3. Low Vitamin C
VC is vital for healing. Once it is short in your body,  bruise will come more. Generally, aging and smoking will cause low levels of vitamin C.

4. Genetics Impact
If the bruise happens in you, your sisters, your mom and other families, well, it may be a family thing. If it doesn’t go along with other symptoms, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

5. Medications’ Side Effects
If you are taking aspirin or a blood thinner, steroids like prednisone, supplements, like fish oil and ginkgo, don’t be surprised by the occasional black-and-blue mark.  Once it occurs, don’t just stop taking your medication right now, call your doctor in the first place.

6. Blood Disorders
If your bruises come with other symptoms including nosebleeds, gums bleed, don’t just ignore it. Call your doctor and take some blood tests. Sometimes, it could be more severer than you thought. For example, hemophilia, which is a life-threatening one.

7. Intense Exercise
Exercise is totally beneficial to our health. But excess exercise is the exception.  Too much efforts in your muscles make overload in the blood vessels, then you’ll get bruises easily.

8. Heavy Drinking
Too much alcohol puts you in the high risk of  liver problems. If your liver is weaker, you may bleed or bruise more easily since liver is responsible for proteins that the blood needs for clotting. Be careful of the cirrhosis. If your bruise is linked with the alcohol, ask for your doctor’s help immediately!

9. Cancer
This could be the worst outcome. We hope everyone can skip this possibility but we should be aware of this factor as well. When cancer is targeting you, you will get bruises, tiredness, achiness, weight loss and weakness all the time. For example, leukemia.


When bruise occurs, if it is mild, try something to help it cure.  If it doesn’t disappeal after two weeks, just go ahead to find your doctor.

* The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.