Why Do Patients Undergo Blood Test?


Why do patients need blood test to check whether they have RHD?


Before you are diagnosed with RHD, you will have a blood test called ASLO Titer (Antistreptolysin O Titer) to test your antibodies and inflammation level. If the level is high, your doctor will suggest further steps to confirm inflammation of the heart valves, including ECG and 2D Echo. Upon confirmation, it can confirm whether a sore throat affected the heart or not.

Besides, there are other types of blood tests to be used to look for indications of rheumatic fever, including:

  • C reactive protein (CRP). Usual higher level of CRP in the blood indicates inflammation in the body.
  • International normalised ratio (INR). People LIVING with RHD need to go through INR to check whether they are given the right amount of warfarin to prevent blood clots. In this way, stroke can be prevented.


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