Why Do People Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


What are the benefits of Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


As one of various campaigns to raise awareness of breast cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an international health campaign organized annually by major breast cancer charities. It starts on the first day of October and ends on October 31st every year. People and organizations all over the world will hold a series of activities to celebrate it. The aim of this campaign is to promote the awareness of breast cancer and to raise money for further research into the cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatments, palliative care and cure. In addition, this campaign also works to offer help to those who are diagnosed with breast cancer with support and related information.

Currently, information and knowledge on the causes of breast cancer is still not sufficient. Therefore, it is really important to educate people on early detection which remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. If early detection is made in time and diagnosis and treatments are adequate and available, it is possible to cure breast cancer. If not, palliative care for patients and their families to reduce their suffering is more appropriate than curative treatments.


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