Will Dark Chocolate Help Lower My Blood Pressure Since I Am Type 2 Diabetes?

Dark chocolate is helpful to reduce blood pressure. However, it is still a kind of chocolate. Same as other chocolate, dark chocolate is a source of energy .  A tiny amount a day is fine. If eating too much, it will affect your blood sugar negatively.

Dirk Taubert, MD, PhD, of Germany’s University Hospital of Cologne and his co-fellow reported that eating dark chocolate can efficiently reduce blood pressure. In a 18-week study, eating dark chocolate lowered systolic blood pressure by nearly three points and diastolic blood pressure by almost two points. How much did they take each day? A small one that contains 30 calories, which is the size of one Hershey’s kiss. Remember, only dark chocolate, not milk or white or hazelnut chocolate. For diabetes, make sure you choose 75%-80% dark chocolate, which contains little sugar.

The secret, of course, relies in cocoa.


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