Will Premature Heartbeats Lead to AFib?

Q: What is atrial premature complexes? Will it cause atrial fibrillation?

A: Premature atrial contractions (PACs), which is characterized by premature heartbeats, is also known as atrial premature complexes (APC) and atrial premature beats (APB). It is a type of cardiac dysrhythmia caused by malfunction of the atria.

The heart rate of a healthy heart is pretty regular. If it beats 60 times per minute. It means that the heart beats once every second. If it beats twice within one second, the person has premature atrial contractions. Normally, the atria beat first, and then the ventricles follow. If the atria beat earlier, the person has atrial premature beats. If the ventricles beat earlier, then the person has ventricular premature beats.

Premature Heartbeats are a warning set off by the heart. When you feel exhausted, you may have premature heartbeats. That is the heart reminding you to have a rest. Usually it doesn’t need treating. But if you have frequent premature heartbeats, you have to take treatment into consideration, for it may lead to atrial fibrillation and other serious heart diseases.



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